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Don’t risk Regrets…Live Now

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Trade in your Bucketlist for a Liv.List.  Reboot your thinking and your life so that you do the important things now, while you are still healthy and able.  Putting off all the good things till “someday” is a sure-fire way to miss out and have regrets.

Join a community of like minded people on the same quest for discovery of a more fulfilled and happy life here.  It is the best support system available to help you on your journey. We are here for you, no matter what level of involvement you choose. Try us out and see if you agree.  We are excited to have you in our community online!


Don’t go it alone!

Join us and thousands in Liv. who are on the same journey of discovery!  We all seek a more meaningful life and are learning, together, how to live now, and every day more fully.

Just as with an exercise program, a diet program or any other significant life improvement quest, it is a lot easier to do and stay the course when we have a support community of like minded people pulling with us!  And a lot more fun!

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“It is about WHO you are with.”

As Liv. President, Blake Mallen said, “An amazing experience is not just about where you are or what you are doing, it is about WHO you are with.”

And this is one of the biggest surprise benefits we found with Liv.  Doing great things in wonderful places is great. But doing that with good friends and associates is AMAZING! Having done it both ways, I can say that the Liv. way is far more satisfying and memorable.


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The “Secret” is simply a Decision

Despite all the advantages of modern life, most people are not happy or better off now.  In fact, many are less happy and fulfilled these days and cannot figure out why, or how to change the sad situation.  We assume we will all benefit from the information age…. But sadly most are worse off, even more confused and frustrated now.


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