About Us

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Our Philosophy at Liv.Reboot

Liv. Reboot is our opportunity to "give back" to the world by sharing hard-gained life experiences and  information with our online community of friends.   

We have traveled the world and the USA more than many, and discovered a lot of valuable lessons in the process. We have done a lot of different things along the way, including many adventures and business ventures too, learning more from our mistakes than from our successes.

One thing that stands out to us, is how short life is, and how much a shame it is to waste any of our time not being happy. 

The Bucket List concept implies waiting until it is often too late. Our philosophy is, instead, to live life to its fullest, now, and continuously, not putting off all the good things till "someday."

No one is promised tomorrow. 

We firmly believe that it is simply a matter of a small adjustment in a person's thinking, that can make all the difference in the quality of their life.  

Each of us already possesses everything that is necessary to make this change, and immediately. 

You cannot buy this "secret," and nobody can do it for you. Yet, you can do it yourself, today, by simply making a decision to put first things first in your life. And by so doing, begin a different path to a more balanced and happy, fulfilled life, today.  

We are committed to helping as many people discover this secret and accomplish this as we can. This is our mission, our passion, and our pleasure.



Rob & Ande Cook


Married to each other for over 36 years, we live on a cattle ranch at the base of the Rocky Mountains in  Wyoming - 50 miles from Yellowstone National Park.  

Originally from Texas, having moved to Arlington, VA after college in 1984, we built a number of successful businesses together, including a Real Estate Brokerage, a residential design/build remodeling construction firm (Cook Bros.), a large coin-op laundry, and currently own over 52 residential rental units. 

Along the way we raised three children, Rob earned a Law Degree, and we "retired" at age 40.  We use that word advisedly, because we work harder now, nearly 20 years later, than when we "retired." We just have the luxury of choosing what we work on and when now!

Our passion for wildlife photography and adventure led us to buying a motor coach RV and exploring the western parks and open spaces of the US, Canada and Alaska for over 5 years full time, before settling in and building a ranch from scratch, just North of Cody, WY.

Nothing special about us, both come from perfectly average American families. Rob's father was a US Army Lt.Colonel and Ande's father a NASA Space Program Electrical Engineer.  We just worked hard, and kept our eyes and ears open our whole lives, never shying from trying new things, and figured out some important principles which served us well.

So, if there is anything we know for sure, it is that ANYONE can succeed at rebooting their lives and we want to help as many folks do this as possible!