Don’t risk regrets … Live NOW.

Despite all the advantages of modern life, most people are not happy or better off today.  In fact, many are less happy and fulfilled these days and cannot figure out why, or how to change the sad situation.  We assume we will all benefit from the information age…. But sadly most are worse off, even more confused and frustrated now.

At Liv., we have discovered a simple “secret” and cracked the code on how anyone can instantly cure this tragic situation.  And it all starts with a simple decision.  We want to help millions of people take back their own lives and live a fulfilled life.  Help them replace all of the brainwashing and oppressive, manipulated thinking that consumerism and modern-day social engineering efforts have poisoned our minds with.

How has everything worked out for you so far?  Most would answer….   Poorly.  And worse, their futures are even grimmer.  People know something is wrong.  That things should be different and better.  But they feel lost, on their own, bombarded constantly by more of the same bad info that got them in this low state, feeling like their lives are being wasted.

The solution is simple and easy, and anyone can do it, today.

It is so simple and easy that it is “hidden in plain sight,” eluding most.  Why?  Because there is no profit to be made sharing this secret with people.  Corporations cannot “sell” you this solution.  It is not a pill, or a gadget or an app.  In fact it is the opposite of all those consumerism “poisons” peddled to us constantly to distract us from the secret.  This secret is the antidote to all of those profit-oriented “infections.”  This simple, secret solution not only is free and readily accessible to everyone but will actually save people money by weaning them off of all the wasted expenditures on “stuff” acquired in a hopeless, relentless quest for “happiness.”  We have been brainwashed into a wrong mindset where we have become addicted to buying (consuming) stuff, misled into believing that doing so, will make us happy. In reality, that simply traps us on a hamster wheel which only makes things worse for us.

Throw off these shackles of enslavement to a wrong, ineffective mindset and discover how you can change your life and happiness, today, and take your life back before any more of it is wasted.

It is not our faults we are unhappily enslaved, but it is each of our responsibility to change this, now that the “secret” is available.

So, what is this “secret” which can instantly and without any cost, change the course of your life and lead you to even more happiness?

It is simply this: A decision.  That’s right. Not a purchase, not a book, not a service, not an action like quitting your job or moving, not a magic elixir or “business opportunity.”

You already possess everything you need to change your life dramatically and instantly – permanently.  No one can sell you this or do it for you.  No one and no thing can stop you either.  This is not about faith, religion, magic or mysticism.  It is not dependent on your financial situation or condition or your formal education level, income level or net worth.  It does not require an internet connection or batteries!

Decide to put first things first.  That’s it. In a nutshell.  Simply decide, right now, this minute, to live every day as if it was your last.

This does not mean, or require you to act irresponsibly and abandon your job, family, relationships, etc. in a dramatic, crazy fashion.

It does not mean spend money like there was no tomorrow.

It is simply a shift in your thinking from a position of taking whatever life gives you and being “satisfied” with that, to, instead, demanding you get what is most important in your life.  Not from others, but demanding it from yourself.  This is why you control this and can do it instantly – it is a choice.  A decision.

From the moment you make the decision, your life will be changed.  Every minute, hour and day you live with this new mind set, the better your life will be – by definition.  And over time, the differences which will occur in your life as a result of this decision, will astound you.

(graphic = small change becomes large over time = airplane course/trajectory)

The first thing to think about once you make the decision to take back control of your life, is to decide what things are most important to you.  Not to anyone else, but to you.  This is, literally, what defines you, as a unique individual and person  and will determine your life and your degree of happiness and fulfillment throughout your entire life.  That is the one thing we all possess and is ours by right = our life.  We only get one.  It is finite in terms of time – nobody lives forever.  And how each of us decides to use and enjoy our own life and time is our greatest asset and our power.

We can waste money and remedy that by earning more money.  We can wreck our car and buy a replacement.  But the ONE thing we cannot replace, at any cost, is time -the currency of our life.  Every minute/hour/day we waste or lose, is gone forever.

The richest person in the world cannot buy even one extra hour at the end, for any sum of money, though many would give all their wealth for one additional hour.  So do not wait until that last, sad moment to pass from this life with only regrets filling your final moments.  That is the worst tragedy I can imagine.

If you cannot buy time at the end, then the high value of every minute we do have, NOW and every day of our lives, should become more obvious.

Though even a single hour cannot be bought for even one $billion on our death bed, we squander and waste years of our lives being unhappy and unfulfilled, acting as if time is unlimited and we will “make up for it later.”

The only cure for this tragedy is to appreciate the value of the time we have and make the most of it while we can.  This is our choice – our decision.

We control that, despite all outside influences and the realities of modern life.  So, we, each of us can individually decide what is most important to us.

What are YOUR rocks?  The key to a more happy and fulfilled life is to make sure your rocks are accommodated and not squeezed out by all the pebbles and sand and water which rob us of our lives, daily.

Clearly the one universal truth is that most of the “rocks”, the big, important things in our lives, revolve around the people in our lives.  Humans are social beings.  All you have to do is examine your own lives to observe how important people-interactions are to most of us. (cite “quote” the article)

“Humans have a primordial need to share their life experiences with other human beings.

Enter Facebook.

Facebook did not “create” the need it simply satisfied people’s need for social interaction.  Obviously Facebook was right on, to say the least and so are all of the other, exploding social media platforms.  All because they are platforms that enable people to do what they need – interact and share their experiences with others.

Now, the whole “Facebook” and social media change is coming under scrutiny and criticism as a destructive force and even a mistake (cite and quote recent article by FB past President and VP)

The assertions are that social media has changed the way people interact and I believe this is true and not a good result.

Enter Liv.

We at Liv. believe that actual human interaction is far more important and effective than social media substitutes.

“It is not what we do or where we do it that matters, as much as who we do it with” Blake Mallen, President of Liv. (NOT verified)

Liv. provides a platform to help people self-discover and “cure” their own lack of life fulfillment via unique life Experiences where a community of like-minded people can enjoy and participate in extraordinary life Experiences together, while discovering their own lives in the process.

Each Liv. member has, at some point, decided to take back control of their lives. Then they come to Liv., to use Liv. as a platform and vehicle to help them along their path to discovering a new mindset and a fulfilled life.

In our experience, this effect cannot be adequately described or related to anyone else.  Like a “first love” or “first kiss,” it has to be experienced.  And it is in that actual experiencing that the personal discovery occurs. “Try it, you’ll like it,” applies perfectly to Liv.  Once a person experiences and feels a Liv. Experience they “get it” and become devotees anxiously awaiting and anticipating the next Liv Experience.  And the next.  The Liv. platform fills in all of the “elements” needed, once you make the decision to take back control of your life and demand a happier and more fulfilled life for yourself.  It works.

Don’t waste another day of your life.  Don’t put off living until later.  Decide today to take back control of your life, and see how Liv. can support your journey of discovery and achievement of joy.

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